Investigators: David Harrison, Darren Southee, Julian Wood



PaperWorks aims to enhance a seemingly mundane, but ubiquitous, resource to support everyday work, interaction and collaboration - paper.

This project, funded by the EU, seeks to exploit the advantages of new computing and multi-media resources whilst also maintaining the properties that make paper such a pervasive material. In particular we will undertake novel research in engineering, computer science, and the social sciences to develop innovative ways of interleaving the paper and the digital. In this project we explore ways of enhancing reading, writing and other paper-based activities. This involves the use and development of sophisticated inks, papers and substrates, complex coding and detection systems, software and information architectures, as well as novel work in product, information and interaction design. These design and development activities are supported by experiments, technical interventions and studies of both potential users of augmented publications, and of publishers and other content providers.

The project partners within PaperWorks bring these activities together through the development of robust applications and publications that demonstrate the many ways by which we can build bridges between the paper and the digital.




Electronics Manufacturing Renewables Design


Brunel University

Cleaner Electronics Research Group 2008