Dr. Blue Ramsey
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+44 (0) 1895 274000
Brunel University 
School of Engineering and Design
Cleaner Electronics Research Group
United Kingdom

Blue obtained a first class honours degree in industrial design in 1995, and a PhD in electronic materials and manufacturing in 1999, both from the Department of Design at Brunel University. His key research interests are printing as a process for electronics manufacture and low cost renewable energy systems.The development of a lithographic printing method of producing electrical interconnect and components has laid the foundations of much of the printing work subsequently done by the research group. Further work has focussed on temperature sensing and power generation using printed and thin film structures and room temperature PEM fuel cell design. Particularly printed electrode membrane assemblies and a self pressurising electrolysis/fuel cell system.

Blue has been principle investigator or worked on six EPSRC grants within the Cleaner Electronics Research Group and has successfully licensed two different printed electronics based technologies. He has published his work a variety of journal publications, technical publications and patents and conferences in the areas of environmental electronics, sensors, materials and design.  In 2004 Blue started
VCT, a small design engineering company specialising technical product development.

More details about VCT available at: http://www.vct-ltd.co.uk/

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US Patent 6,356,234, European 97925195. Electrical Circuit. Granted 2002.
Patent Application No. 99/04064, WO 97/48257 Plating Seeding Ink.
Technical Publications
B. Ramsey, F. Farley (2006) The Development of a Transportable Humidity and Temperature Generator. International Environmental Technology , 16, 6, May, 2006, 47-49.
B. Ramsey, D. Harrison, (2000). Handbook of Conductive Lithographic Films. ISBN: 0-9538356-0-X


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