Dr. Peter Evans
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+44 (0) 1895 274000
Brunel University 
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Cleaner Electronics Research Group
United Kingdom

Dr. Peter Evans is a Lecturer in Engineering Design at Brunel University and a member of the EPSRC's College for Design and Integrated Production. He is a Chartered Electrical Engineer, and works in the field of novel circuit fabrication and interconnect technologies. He has 10 years experience in land mobile radio systems, acquired in Industry and in the Communications Research Group of the University of Bath, subsequently undertaking research in I.C. testability at Bath, and later at Huddersfield University, where he devised “Transient Response Analysis", a test strategy for analogue systems embedded in mixed-signal integrated circuits. He has 7 years experience in Mixed Signal I.C. Testability, completing his PhD in this field in 1994. He has published over thirty papers, and is a Member of the IEE, the IEEE, and the IEEE Test Technology Technical Council.



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