Mr. Richard Young
Contact details:
+44 (0) 1895 274000
Brunel University 
School of Engineering and Design
Cleaner Electronics Research Group
United Kingdom

Richard graduated in 2005 from Exeter University where he studied Engineering as an undergraduate and is now pleased to have joined The Cleaner Electronics Research Group as a Research Assistant, working under Dr. Peter Evans and Dr. Gareth Hay; he is now studying for a Ph.D.

Richard is working on a new area of research for the group, that of micro-contact printing. The aim of the project is to print fine 25 m parallel lines to use as electrodes, for use in two applications, the development of EL displays and the other in Biosensors. To print the structures a wet chemical etching process is used, with a self-assembled monolayer, deposited with a PDMS stamp formed from hot embossing, acting as a resist allowing us to retain areas of the substrate to define our linear structures. The microstructure will provide a greater resistance between the electrodes and therefore a greater electric field than previously recorded.



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